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Our Ecosystem Partners

VictoryXR, an EdTech firm, specializes in immersive, experiential educational modules, revolutionizing student learning experiences.

Epic Games operates Fortnite, develops Unreal Engine, and offers Fortnite lesson plans for creative, interactive classroom learning.

Inspiring potential, Acer for Education utilizes new technologies, offering rugged, user-centric devices for dynamic, hybrid classrooms.

Labster is a leading provider of virtual science labs and healthcare simulations for interactive education.

Skriware - Explore the innovative STEAM learning hub. Empower teachers, engage students and embrace the next generation standard of learning!

STEM Skills for Innovation: Access engaging, fun and fresh content to develop your student's STEM skills and inspire them about technology and sustainability.

Genially, an online tool, creates interactive content for experiential learning, which teachers to make fun and engaging classroom materials – and empowering students to create incredible digital projects.

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