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“The Starter Pack lessons can lead to some really powerful learning, especially in regards to connecting content with purposeful digital projects. Technology can be a strong tool and with an evergrowing and developing world, digital skills are essential for students to have.”

Kerry H.

Teacher, The Ovington School, Brooklyn, New York

Intel® SFI Framework

The Intel® SFI Framework supports educators as they lead digital learning experiences and facilitate future skill-building in a post-pandemic world. Using the Intel SFI framework, you can learn how to confidently integrate technology into your programs and plans to build skills and help students develop their cognitive, technical, and social-emotional skills in physical and virtual learning environments alike.


Intel® SFI Professional Development Suite

Build your future-ready competencies while embracing new ways of teaching in anywhere learning scenarios.

Intel® SFI Professional Development provides more than 80 hours of e-learning and in-person workshops. Designed to keep you up to date with trends impacting your students’ future and equip you with tools that maximize learning outcomes, it covers topics from adapting technology to mentoring innovative mindsets. This step-up model has been carefully curated to address your needs no matter your experience with adapting technology in learning.


Level 1: Adapter of Technology

Support educators who are new to technology in building a strong foundation for basic digital fluency through a mix of F2F and supervised, online modules.


Level 2: Leader of Learning Experiences

Help educators transition from being content experts to becoming effective owners and leaders of learning experiences in anywhere learning scenarios.


Level 3: Catalyst of Creative Confidence

Enable educators to reimagine learning experiences with technology to empower students to become confident innovators.


Level 4: Mentor of Upgraded Mindsets

Introduce educators to the upgraded mindsets that are essential for students to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution and successfully navigate unknowns of tomorrow.


Achieve student readiness for the 4th Industrial Revolution and beyond.

Download Intel® SFI Professional Development Overview

Level 1:

Adapter of Technology

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  • Module 1: Introduction to Technology in Education
  • Module 2: Learning Computer Basics
  • Module 3: Learning Internet Basics
  • Module 4: Basics of Multimedia and Slides
  • Module 5: Basics of Word Processing
  • Module 6:  Basics of Spreadsheets
  • Module 7:  Collaborative Workspaces
  • Module 8: Learning Video Basics

Level 2:

Leader of

Group 222
  • Course 2.1:  Introduction to Learning Remotely
  • Course 2.2: Establishing Effective Educator-Machine Partnerships
  • Course 2.3: Fostering Student Engagement in the Age of Digital Distraction
  • Course 2.4:  Strengthening Real-world Relevance in Classroom

Level 3:

Catalyst of Creative Confidence

Group 223
  • Course 3.1:  Analytical Thinking through Data
  • Course 3.2: Critical Reasoning to Make Better Decisions
  • Course 3.3: Bridging the Creativity Gap

Level 4:

Mentor of Upgraded Mindsets

Group 224
  • Course 4.1:  From Waterfall to Agile Mindset
  • Course 4.2: From Operational to Strategic Thinking
  • Course 4.3: From Follower to Entrepreneurial Mindset

Benefit from Others’ Experience in the Intel SFI Professional Learning Community

Intel SFI Professional Development modules and courses are available on an Intel SFI learning platform which lets you ask questions, share resources, and discuss experiences with others in a professional learning community. The Intel SFI Professional Development suite is SCORM-compliant and can be customized to your institution’s current learning management system. The program is available under license from Intel. For more information about how to deploy Intel SFI Professional Development in your education environment, please contact your Intel Technology Provider.

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Intel® SFI Professional Development is being deployed in leading educational institutions worldwide. Certificates for completing individual courses and levels will be awarded to educators who complete all course requirements.

Intel® SFI Starter Pack

The Intel® SFI Starter Pack supports you as you lead digital learning experiences and facilitate future skill-building in a post-pandemic world by:

  • Offering pre-designed, technology-infused, new learning experiences that build students’ higher-order cognitive skills
  • Effectively integrating digital technologies and skill-building into the curriculum and mapping to real-world scenarios, showing how to use technology to solve problems
  • Helping build students' interest in curriculum subjects with hands-on activities and projects that can be done anywhere, making it suitable for remote and virtual learning, as well as flipped classroom models

Educator’s Guide

A detailed lesson plan that can be delivered in the physical or virtual classroom. It includes instructional objectives, a comprehensive catalog, tips for teachers, and assessment rubrics.

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Teaching Deck

Ready-to-use teaching slides, including hands-on activities, which introduce concepts and present opportunities for student collaboration.

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Working Files

A set of supporting resources such as data sets, installation guides, and worksheets that provide students with an immersive learning experience.


The Starter Pack also includes Curriculum Mapping and Initial Teacher Orientation materials to help identify opportunities for integrating innovation skills and digital technology into the curriculum of various subjects.

Download Intel® SFI Starter Pack Overview
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The Starter Pack is being deployed in leading educational institutions worldwide. Badges and certificates will be awarded to participants in model Intel® SFI Starter Pack deployments that provide inspiration for others to follow.

Ready to Get Started ?

For more information about how to get started with Intel® Skills for Innovation in your education environment, please have your district technology administrator contact an Intel® Partner Alliance Member.

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